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Specializing in Family, Couples, and Marriage Counseling. We will not allow the mental health of our patients suffer due to COVID-19. All sessions are now offered virtually or by phone.

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We equip our patients with the most current psychological resources to learn more about the approaches used at Connected Counseling.

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Our mission is clear: To help people build and maintain strong and lasting relationships with current and future loved ones.

“I am so grateful for Tanya and all that she taught me during our time together. I recently transitioned to another state and don’t know how I would have made it through these last two months without keeping in mind all the practical tools and strategies I learned in therapy. I miss having Tanya as my therapist. It’s still a process everyday but because of all the lessons she taught me I’m better than I’ve ever been and I know I will keep growing and thriving in life!”
Megan M.
“When I began coming to see Tanya, I had been trying to heal from my husband’s affair. There was a lot of trauma that I was struggling with and it kept me from healing. Tanya helped me understand how my brain and body were reacting to the trauma. She used trauma techniques to help me trust and love myself again. My husband and I are in a much healthier place because of my faith and my journey in therapy. “
Karen H.

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A typical session with Tanya will center around your current challenges- what is currently not working in your life and how do we better understand why this is a problem. She understands how difficult it can be to begin therapy and as a result focuses on finding solutions that will bring relief to the client’s day to day struggles. With Tanya, you will never feel judged but instead you will feel seen, heard, and supported. She values the client’s perspective and insight and partners with them to create a treatment plan tailor made for them. If trauma work is part of the treatment plan, Tanya will use a trauma intervention to effectively work through the painful emotions and images to begin the healing process. At the end of each session, the client will walk away with effective tools, healthy mindsets, and techniques to aid in their healing journey in between sessions.  

A client can expect therapy to be both challenging and rewarding. Most of us get to a place of needing therapy because we cannot handle another day of our pain. The idea of continuing life this way becomes less desirable and talking to a mental health professional becomes more appealing. Stepping into a safe space where you can say, feel, and experience your truth can feel extremely vulnerable and that is the challenging part of therapy. But when you experience vulnerability in a safe space with a supportive, safe person it becomes rewarding and essential to your healing. Get moving, take action, set up your first therapy appointment. Today is the day to take that step towards healing and living the life that you were destined to live.

Typically, you will meet with your therapist weekly or bi-weekly. I encourage you to prepare for your session by taking notes throughout your week; what symptoms are most painful, what is triggering you, what good things happened this week. Bring your notes to your therapy session and discuss it with your therapist. Take notes during your session. Come to therapy with an open mind and be as honest as possible. Your therapist is not looking for perfection but needs you to be motivated. A motivated client is the best predictor of effective therapeutic treatment. Be an active listener and practice listening to understand versus listening to respond. If your therapist gives you homework, do your best to engage with the work. The more you practice at home, the more you will get out of therapy. 

Insurances Accepted: Cigna and Aetna

Please contact your insurance provider to verify benefits prior to scheduling a session.

Connected Counseling Orlando

Patient Resources

Play Therapy

Primarily utilized as a method for responding to the development needs of children. 


Psychological process of bringing attention to one’s present experiences and thoughts. 

Defeat Negative Thinking

Positive psychology studies the aspects of life that make life worth living. 


Learn how to improve your current sleeping habits for improved focus, attention, mood, and productivity.